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In today’s fast-paced, global academic environment, any marketing strategy of a university/institute will have a direct impact not only on enrollment, but also recognition and retention of ideal candidates.

The ultimate goal of any higher education enrollment is to retain qualified students who will succeed and promote their alma mater through their achievements. The challenge comes from converting interest from various marketing campaigns into real, quality enrollments.

We, at MMCS, drive your international student enrollment numbers along with maintaining quality of qualified students. With a decade of market expertise of driving sales, we respond to the needs of universities/colleges starting with the identification process to enrollment and retention.

Challenges faced by Universities/Institutes while Marketing in India

Retention of students after enrollment

Requirement of a local representative for better service and trust of Student and Consultants

Need of a representative who can handle agents as well as students to expedite the process.

Good Agents

It’s important to select good agents for overall business growth. But at present they get low performance levels of agents even after signing a contract.

Lack of understanding of Visa Documentation

From application filling to visa filing and interview and pre-departure process, overall preparation of the student is below expectation.

High cost of Direct Marketing

Local branding and promotional activities such as seminars, events, campaigns, presentations etc incur a high marketing budget due to travelling and local expenses

Time zone difference is one of biggest challenges being faced.

High rate of Visa rejection due to under preparation of students

Right from filling the form to taking an appointment, agents as well as students should be guided on all paper-work needed for visa filing, translation and attestation.

Low ratio of student quality vs. applications processed

Maintaining good quality applications is not an easy task now a days. Though there are various methods of communicating with the available candidates but judging the genuine intentions of a student is tough.

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Walter Landor, founder of Landor Please click on the link to have glimpse of our journey into brand building

Our customize solutions

If you too are facing any of the above challenges, MMCS has the ‘right solution’ for you

  • We offshore your university/college office space with a dedicated staff member in India.
  • We expedite the enrollment process by eliminating any language issue or time zone difference.
  • With a firm understanding of the market, we have a strict selection criterion for agents. After selecting, we educate and train them on Visa policies and right documentation so as to maximize results.
  • We make sure about good conversion rate of agents and students by maximizing the potential of your outreach and by engaging with students at the early stages by means of activities like seminars, counseling sessions and on-spot admission session.
  • We do a strict check on agents looking forward to work with you, their market reputation and their overall performance via our local references and our market network and experience.
  • We select the right candidate for your institute, by
    • Understanding their purpose behind applying for studying
    • Verifying all their educational documents
    • Scrutinizing all the financial documents they submit for Visa processing
    • Learning the intention behind applying for an extra I20 or Visa letter

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